Migration to Shopify

If I chose to work only with Shopify, it's because I believe that this platform offers a perfect balance between simplicity, performance and security.

Shopify has several advantages, but in my opinion its 5 main strengths are:

  1. Requires less and less technical knowledge to operate, unlike WooCommerce and Magento
  2. Seamlessly integrates with an array of sales channels and marketing tools. Website solutions that are known to be "easy", are extremely limited in this regard (wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, BigCartel, etc.)
  3. Shopify centralizes your sales, your customers, your products, your inventory... and their history. By default.
  4. Offers an efficient cash register system based on the centralization of your data.
  5. No other eCommerce platform evolves at the speed of Shopify, which invests heavily in its optimization.